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The McCabe brothers, with over eighty years of wine experience
bring you quality wines at the best price
Try one of our Tasting cases - the easiest way to try new wines, with a guarantee of quality!
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Quality Wines at the Best Price

Would you like to discover interesting new wines

With Christmas survived for another year, why not try something new in 2023?
As our wines all arrive back in stock and with new wines arriving also, you should try one of our mixed cases - you are bound to find something you really like, a new favourite!
We'll be adjusting all our Tasting Cases to offer a great mix of styles, but always great wines!
Not ready for a fully mixed case?
You could try out TASTING TWIST option


Did you ever play pontoon/21? This is our variation on it!
Choose the Tasting Twist option where available and we'll replace a bottle of your chosen wine with a similar price and quality wine - so you get to try something new but we get to choose!
Trust us! We want you to enjoy and come back so we will ensure they are great wines!

Wine Vintage Charts

For your <div class="ecsp ecsp-SingleProduct-v2 ecsp-SingleProduct-v2-bordered ecsp-SingleProduct-v2-centered ecsp-Product ec-Product-432076549" itemscope itemtype=""; data-single-product-id="432076549"><div itemprop="image"></div><div class="ecsp-title" itemprop="name" content="Pouilly Fuisse Vielles Vignes 2021, Domaine Frederic Trouillet"></div><div itemtype=""; itemscope itemprop="offers"><div class="ecsp-productBrowser-price ecsp-price" itemprop="price" content="33"><div itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR"></div></div></div><div customprop="vatinprice"></div><div customprop="options"></div><div customprop="qty"></div><div customprop="addtobag"></div></div><script data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript" src=""; charset="utf-8"></script><script type="text/javascript">xProduct()</script>information we have provided a number of vintage charts from some of the most highly respected wine sources which are available to download.  Just click on the image above and select the chart

Our Story

We have been in the wine business since 1982 and in that time, we have tasted thousands of wines.
Most are ‘fine’ but that’s not what we want!

We want the wine that's a little bit better, a little bit more interesting, best in class,
high quality for a fair price, something above the norm!

Now, we aren’t claiming that a €15 Bordeaux wine is better than a €60 Bordeaux wine
but  that all our wines are all great wines in their own right!

Working with wine importers and growers who share our common goal, we want to bring you quality wines at the best price.

If we list it, we rate it!

We'll be adding quality wines as we build our range - and dropping those who no longer make the grade!

Watch out for quality bin ends or one-off offers, check in with our online tastings,
try out our mixed case offers to get a feel for our range. Above all, get value and quality for your money.

Life is too short to be drinking average wine.

Jim & John McCabe


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