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We sell only in 6's so that you can get the best quality at the best price.

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We ship directly from Bordeaux so we can get the wines we want at the price you want!
From our entry level
Quien Merlot & Quien Sauvignon Blanc, through
Chateau du Calvaire, St Emilion Grand Cru (€156 for 6),
Chateau Lanessan, Haut Medoc (€174.00 for 6) and
Ch Lilian Ladouys St Estephe (€204.00 for 6) up to
Ch Haut Bages Liberal 2016 Pauillac  (€450 for 6), we offer top quality wines at the best prices.
You can view our full BORDEAUX RANGE HERE


Our TASTING TWIST option is available on most of our wines and we think you should give it a try!
Order your preferred wine with the TASTING TWIST option (if available)  and we'll replace a bottle of your chosen wine with a similar price and quality wine - so you get to try something new but we get to choose!

Trust us! We want you to enjoy and come back so we will ensure they are great wines!
And YES, we do keep a record of the Tasting Twist Wine so we'll give you something different next time.

We love feedback on our Tasting Twist choices so do let us know at 

Wine Vintage Charts

For those interested we have inserted a number of vintage charts from some of the most highly respected wine sources which are available to download.  Just click on the image above and select the chart

We do try to include independent Tasting notes if available, but one of the difficulties is that  by the time the 'Experts' write the wines up, that vintage is sold out! 
A First World Problem!

Our Story

The McCabe brothers, Jim & John are at this a long time! Jim first opened a Wine Warehouse in 1982
and joined John in the Wine Shop/Off Licence 4 years later.
We first won Off-Licence Of The Year in 1988 - but now sell online only.

We search for quality wines at great value and no wine goes into our site unless we have tasted and can recommend it.
Between specialised Importers and direct imports,  we have a small but top quality range covering all price ranges.
We add and remove wines regularly as vintages change and we find new wines to share.
Our Fine Wines change regularly as stocks of these wines are always limited.

There is NO SUBSCRIPTION required - we don't send you 3 bottles every month etc or charge you for membership - 
you just order when and what you want.

Bespoke 6-packs and cases are available on request but we try to sell in 6's or 12's,
so that you get the best deal, best price, best service - and great wines!

Life is too short to be drinking average wine.

Jim & John McCabe


Some Mixed Cases to try from our selection!

A Proper Tasting Case

FEBRUARY OFFER! Use discount code Proper-Discount and save 10% on this Tasting Case 

What's the purpose of a Tasting Case? Well, we think it's an opportunity to try 6 wines that you might not have tasted before, without having to commit to a case of each!

So in this Tasting Case - A Proper Tasting Case - we have 6 quality wines that we feel are worth trying!
All these wines are available to order individually if required!



This Tasting case offers 6 Premium French wines - all top notch but all very different!

The three whites are all Burgundian but are so different in taste & flavour it is astounding.
The 3 reds include a Burgundian, a Bordeaux and a Southern Rhone, so different regions, different varietals and styles but all really good


A Carousel of Chardonnay

A Cross section of Chardonnay, with the emphasis on Burgundy. You decide!

Tasting Notes HERE