Minimum Order: 6 bottles

Next day delivery (local), 2/3 days nationwide


Discover the world of wine Tasting Twist

When you choose the TASTING TWIST option with any of our wines, we'll replace one bottle with a wine of a similar quality and price. So you'll get 5 bottles of your chosen wine and 1 btl of something that's different but just as good!  It'll be the same colour (if you have ordered Red wine, your Tasting Twist bottle will be Red also etc) but other than that, we get to pick!

You get to try something new but we get to choose!

TASTING TWIST - How it works.
  • Select the '6 Btl with Tasting Twist' option on your preferred wine.
  • We will replace 1 btl with a wine of similar quality & price (and colour)
  • You'll receive 5 btls of your chosen wine and another wine - equally good or better (that's our guarantee!).

Trust us!  We want you to re-order so we will always ensure the quality is the same or better.
Tasting Twist is available on selected wines only, and must be selected by the customer
- it will not apply unless specifically requested.

We were always recommending different wines in our Wine Shop days - 'try this for a change' 
- and were always confident that the customer would be satisfied.
This way, we get to choose and you get to try a wine of similar (or better) quality .. everyone's a winner!