Champagne for $2.5million a magnum

Now, we all love Champagne and indeed wish (in most cases) that it just wasn't for special occasions but paying $2.5miliion for a magnum equates to $1.25 million a bottle and $208,333.33 per 15cl glass.

Ok, the bottle in question had a single NFT that includes the digital art and intellectual property rights to an image of "Bored Ape Mutant" and to other collectible cartoon figures that adorn the bottle, therefore making it supposedly a Special Collector's Item.

The flaw in this argument is, we believe, that they didn't pay in Crypto - they paid in dollars, which is sort of self-defeating as a publicity purchase.

You can read more here  Overpriced Champagne but you won't be able to buy it on this site - we only stock quality wines at the Best price (I'm allowed a plug since I'm writing this!).