Christmas Gifts for Wine buffs!

Wine Spectator had an article last month about Gifts for Wine experts (or those who think that they are experts!!)
The first few respondents wanted accessories - top end Waiter's Friend's, good Glassware (better if dishwasher safe!), Rapid cooler etc, Coravin preserver etc.

Some just wanted a good Tote style bag to carry their wine(s).   A few wanted instructive gifts like Wine Aroma sets etc

And a few wanted WINE!       'I already have an opener - give me wine!'

So, the end result is that it's still a personal decision.   Sorry!   No definitive answer here!

However, if you read this Blog, just mention 'Waiters Friend please' in the Gift Note section when next ordering and we'll include one of our Double Action Waiter's Friend with your order for free!
There has to be some reward for reading my musings, right?