Getting your wines delivered is easy, isn't it!

It's pretty easy now to order online for delivery at home - especially as more people are at home to accept delivery - but it's not easy everywhere.

In the USA (supposedly Home of the Free) it is, in theory at least, legal to order wines in 47 States. 
But  .... there is a very big BUT  .. there are loads of exceptions and conditions.
For example : In Wyoming and Louisiana, they are only allowed ship directly to consumer if the wine is not in n distribution to retailers and restaurants.
Indiana doesn't allow wineries to ship if they have ANY wines in retail stores and restaurants (this is believed to be a protectionist law for the 200-plus wineries in Indiana, who make wines that nobody outside Indiana is interested in)
In Arkansas, you can only have wine shipped to you if you travel to the winery and buy it in person, and then get it delivered - Now t hat just seems stupid!
Most States appear to be trying to protect indigenous wineries by preventing Out-of-State sales.

But the best of all (in my humble opinion) is Alaska.

In Alaska, wineries are required to get a physical copy of the customer's driver's licence and keep it on file for three years!
The best bit though is that there is also a "prohibited sales list" of Alaskans who are not allowed to buy wine because of prior alcohol-related crimes – but the list is not provided to wineries!
When the Wineries group asked about the list they were told that "It's a private list. You can't see it. But you can't sell to them".
So work that out!

All we need in Ireland is an Adult (over 18) to purchase and also to receive the delivery.
God, what a great wee country !!