How big is your wine glass?

When drinking at home, I generally use a standard Tasting Glass - about 200ml but of course you don't fill to the brim - the exercise getting up to refill keeps me in tip top shape !

Seriously though, we all (wine nerds I mean) have those huge Riedel glasses etc but I never use them, as I'd be 'very tired' very quickly.

But what's the biggest glass you have ever used?

I read on WINE that Mexico is set to break a new world record by unveiling a huge wine glass as the country celebrates the end of its wine week – the Semana del Vino 2024 – and the conclusion of the first Concours Mondial de Bruxelles awards held on the American continent.

So how big is the glass?
The glass holds between 4500 and 5000 liters of wine (with a total capacity of 6000 liters)  - that's 6666 standard (75cl) bottles.
Never mind drinking it, you can swim in it.