How valuable is your Wine Cellar?

So, I personally stopped putting wines in my 'Cellar' (Eurocave actually) after the 2008 recession, so I don't have much left other than the children's (all adults now) years of birth.
Any time they visit, we open a decent bottle and share!

But lots of people still have vast quantities of valuable wines in their cellar.   I don't know who has the most valuable cellar but I'm reading about a restaurant in California that has just added 138 vintages of Chateau d’Yquem to its already impressive cellar, encompassing every year from 1887 to 2008 and other vintages all the way back to 1811.  And they sourced them directly from France to ensure provenance so didn't skimp on the price!
Not only that but they have a 70-vintage-strong collection of Pomerol’s Château Pétrus in the same cellar.
For the record, I have a half bottle of Yquem 1996 in my possession and have never tasted Pétrus - although I touched a bottle in Milan one time!. 
So if you can think of a suitable occasion to open/taste, just let us know!   We might even invite you!

The restaurant with all this wine - if you are thinking of visiting - is The Stonehouse Restaurant, located inside San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, California
but I couldn't find a Wine list to check prices!!