Indigenous USA wine makes your skin look younger!

A recent study* in USA has shown that drinking Muscadine wines improves Skin Elasticity and Water Retention, thereby improving the look of your skin - an anti aging wine!

I don't think so!

Where to start!  Muscadine wines are from an indigenous grape grown in South Eastern USA and has become - seemingly - an integral part of Southern jams, pies, grape juice, and fruit butter.
When used to make wine, copious  amounts of sugar are added, to make it palatable!

The Study* (my asterix!) doesn't really qualify as a study as only 17 women were 'studied'! The wine used was de-alcoholised before the study - so really just a really sweet drink!
The study did not find a significant difference in inflammation, oxidative stress or skin smoothness if women drank the 'wine'.

I know that all research has to start somewhere but who decided that this was worth reporting? You'd be better off with a second slice of Mama's Muscadine Pie!

Interesting fact! Muscadine grapes can grow to be as large as golf balls. Their immense size requires them to be hand-harvested, with a single vine capable of producing nearly 100 pounds of grapes at a time.   Looks like Quantity as opposed to Quality!