Is it a Big Brand or a Small Brand?

We all know that Jacob's Creek is a huge brand in Ireland but is it big Worldwide?  Well, as wine brands go,  YES, definitely in an Irish context.

But Jacob's Creek is owned by Pernod Ricard who also Campo Viejo, Mumm Champagne, Perrier Jouet Champagne, Brancott (NZ) and Stoneleigh (NZ), Wyndham (OZ), Kenwood (USA) amongst others and yet wine sales make up only 4% of Group sales!

Now, we know that they also own Irish Distillers (Jameson, Powers, Redbreast, Havana Club etc) but only 4%!!  They must be selling a load of Spirits! 

Anyway, if you are interested, the Wine section is seemingly on the market - for $1 billion (that's only about €937,996,000.00 as of today!   Read More here

It makes you realise how much Spirits sales are worth!!