Menus - should a suitable wine always be recommended?

I was out for dinner and got asked that question? Do I ever take the wine suggestion that some restaurants print on their menus?  Same question from the other angle, Why don't more Restaurants suggest a wine with each Menu item?

I always like to try something I don't know, or a new vintage etc so , no, I generally don't take printed advice.

But if we had recommended a bone dry Riesling to go with the Scallops, a Savennieres for the Gravlax and a Vacqueyras with the Lamb Rump and your partner/guest was having Steak, you'd have to order two bottles of wine or separate glasses of wine - if the recommendations were listed by the Glass.

Generally, recommended wines printed on menus (as opposed to Sommelier's first hand suggestions) probably need to be available by the glass and most Wine Lists by the Glass just cover all the basics (A Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay etc).  There are of course some Wine Bars and Restaurants with great lists of Wine by the Glass, but in general ........
Of course, there are always exceptions.  The top restaurants do offer things like a Wine Tasting with the cheese - 4 cheeses, 4 individually selected (small) glassses of wine - that sort of thing.

Now I would take that recommendation!