Ordering wine by Alcohol level!

I read an article recently in an American publication where the author - a wine writer - was shocked to discover that some (mostly younger, and mostly female) wine drinkers bought their wine based on the alcohol level in the wine.   Nothing new there, says me! For years, we had people looking for wines at 12.5% or at worse 13% volume.
But .. they were buying wines with high alcohol by design. The wines were everyday wines but they wanted more 'Kick' per buck!

I must admit that I'd never seen this before. We were regularly asked for wines with lower (but still full strength) alcoholic percentages, but I have never had anyone ever ask deliberately for a higher level as the main purchase motivator.  

But then I got thinking! Is it any different than drinking Shorts for 'prinks' (pre-drinks for the luddites) before you head out for the night?  Or Buckfast if you are from Lurgan? 

Normally, though, it's the other way around where people shy away from the big block busters.
The wine pictured above is one of my favourites - Vacqueyras Charbonniere -  really good, well made and well balanced but offers a 15.5% alcohol level.

You don't notice the alcohol level in a good wine but in a cheap wine or old and tired wine, you can sometimes get that alcohol burn on the palate.

Is there a moral to this story?

If there is, it's just the usual one of quality always shining through!  Whether it's a Vacqueyras as pictured or an Amarone (up to 18% Alc), if it's well made then the alcohol doesn't stand out.
Just don't drive home!!