Our weather stinks, but is ruining grapes everywhere!

July has been rotten here in Dublin and it is ruining Summer sales of Ice Cream etc but hopefully we'll all get by.
However, in the wine regions of Europe, the weather is causing major damage and doesn't look like letting up.

Recent Hail storms in Burgundy have led to an estimated 20% damage in Meursault and the Côte Chalonnaise further south (with an initial estimation of 50 percent damage to the Chardonnay and 20 percent to the Pinot Noir at Château de Chamirey in Mercurey), Bordeaux is suffering badly from Mildew, parts of Piedmond (Roero & Asti in particular) had severe Hail storms in July and heatwaves in Southern Europe aren't helping.  Australia had it's smallest harvest since the turn of the century.

The best producers will still make great wines but it's only leading one way - less wine means higher prices!!