Small harvest - good for the consumer?

Decanter magazine reports that in 2023 'Global wine output will be the lowest since 1961 after ’extreme climatic conditions’ impacted all major producing regions'. Greek wine alone  production is estimated to be down 45% due to climate issues.

But is that good for the consumer or bad?

At the same time as they report this, there are reports of overproduction from all parts of the world, and in some regions like Rioja, the grapes were left on the vines. 
In California, the President of the Allied Grape Growers called for a reduction in vines of 12,000 hectares!  In other parts of the US, they have changed their approach and are trying to produce less grapes but of better quality. And US production is estimated to be up 12% this year (they got rain in California!)

In Bordeaux, the famous Négotiant Cordier has been fined €350k for buying wine at 'abusively low' prices- 25% below cost of production.

So, what does it all mean?   TOO MUCH CHEAP WINE!
Spend a little extra! Our Duty and VAT means the wine cost practically nothing if you are buying a wine under €9/10 .    Of course some people want a headache in the morning .....