Tasting Notes - Do they make sense?

We were reading an interesting article* in Decanter.com about writing Tasting notes - it ain't easy you know - and we remembered a competition we ran in our Blackrock Wine Shop many years ago.
We had seen a review of a locally available wine which described the wine as
'Nubile, Naked - a running through the forest sort of wine' and were confused (we still are!). Nubile could be 'sexy', a common enough descriptor for wine, or maybe not?.
Naked might be unpretentious or obvious - so you get what you expect?
Running through the forest?  Does that mean 'forest fruits' or woody undertones or what?

We had just won 'Off-Licence of The Year' and were getting a little bit more attention at the time so we ran a Customer Competition - best translation would win a Case of the wine.
The result ?  Nobody entered over a 2 week period.  Nobody!
So, the lesson is

1/ Always enter competitions as very few normally do.
2/ Nobody entered as no one had a clue what it meant.

The prize is still waiting to be collected (email admin@webwines.ie) but we may have to offer a different wine as we haven't seen the original for years.

* you can read it here https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/hitting-the-right-note-479763/