Tasting Twist - do you trust us?

We have been offering our Tasting Twist option on most (but not all) of our wines for over a year now and most feedback is very positive, thank you all very much!

But some regulars who buy different wines seem reluctant to trust us!
They are willing to buy online from webwines.ie and appear willing to try different wines in our small but changing range, but never use the Tasting Twist option.
Oh My God! Do they not trust us?

Our guarantee with Tasting Twist is to replace one bottle with a wine of equal (or better) wine, a little different but nothing strange or weird!  And it has to be available on our website to purchase in it's own right (no one-off bottles here!).

So, we are trying a little experiment.
Chateau Beaumont 2019 Cru Bourgeois Superieur, Bordeaux is very popular at €27.00 pb (90 points from Parker!) so we have tweaked it so that there are 6 (SIX) Tasting Twist options available - so you get to choose!

In a couple of months we'll update as to what the majority chose, another Bordeaux or something different etc

If you have an opinion on this please share - we love feedback.
Just email info@webwines.ie and we'll give you a discount code for 5% off your next order.