Vintage Port Tasting - in Space!

A good Pub Quiz question perhaps, What was the first Port in Space?

Last summer, Portuguese entrepreneur Mário Ferreira travelled to an altitude of 107 kilometres (66 miles) above mean sea level as a passenger on the mission run by Blue Origin, the aerospace company set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
He became the first Portuguese man in space, and he toasted his 10-minute suborbital journey with a glass of Taylor's 2003 Vintage Port - the first Port in Space!

It is a well know fact that Wine tastes very differently at altitude than it does down on dry land. The combination of lower pressure and lower humidity inside an airplane cabin accentuates wine's acidity and alcohol. A refreshing wine at sea level suddenly tastes a bit “off” when sipped in the air.

But what about Space?

Taylor's 2003 Vintage Port scored 96 points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and 94 points from Wine Spectator.  Seems a bit of a waste!  Did Mário even care? Was he just showing off? 

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