When is a wine hugely popular for a while, but no repeat sales?

When you bring in a new wine and everyone wants it, but you get no repeat orders, what do you do?

A few years ago, a Beer distributor brought in Duff beer, made famous by everyone's friend Homer Simpson!   We sold loads in the first few weeks but as sales slowed up, the importer told us that they had only shipped it once. It seems everyone bought 1 x 6-Pack to have but not to drink!  It was for show!

Many years ago, we were supplying Draught wines* to the Pub trade in Dublin and we shipped in a decent Cotes du Rhone which sold out in a couple of weeks. However, before we had shipped a second consignment, sales had dried up. A quick tour of our customers premises explained why!   Every pub had bought a case but had just stuck it on the shelf while refusing to sell it!

The picture above is of that wine's label.  Looks lovely doesn't it!

*As our Mum said 'Ahead of your time - just another way of losing money!'