White Wine is 'good' for those of us getting older!!

Did you know that White wine is good for bone density?

Well, while it's not statistically proven, a recent research brief from theconversation.com showed that drinking beer and spirits is linked to elevated levels of visceral fat – the harmful type of fat that is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and other health complications – whereas drinking wine shows no such association with levels of this harmful fat and may even be protective against it, depending on the type of wine consumed.

In fact, they found that drinking red wine is linked to having lower levels of visceral fat.

Although white wine consumption did not influence levels of visceral fat, the study did show that drinking white wine in moderation might offer its own unique health benefit for older adults: denser bones.  They found higher bone mineral density among older adults who drank white wine in moderation in our study. And they did not find this same link between beer or red wine consumption and bone mineral density.  (You can read more about of this study in Obesity Science & Practice journal).

So, maybe we should all drink white wine tonight (to possibly increase bone density) and red wine tomorrow (to possibly reduce levels of visceral fat)? 
Methinks that perhaps moderation is best!