Wine Consumption - who drinks the most?

We Irish have a bad reputation for drinking - a lazy stereotype I like to think - but who does drink the most?

Well, 15% of total world wine consumption is in USA, but there are over 335 Million of them (and 5 million of us)!

While exact figures across all countries are difficult to compare, the Irish are way back in the distance for Wine consumption (I have chosen to ignore Guinness etc)

The winner by a long long way is Portugal!   Our Portuguese friends are estimated to consume 67 litre per year per capita!
France (47L) & Italy(44L)  are in second and third and USA (12.5L) doesn't appear in the top ten at all!

We Irish come in between 20-25 (according to which statistics you use)

What's the lesson?  WE MUST TRY HARDER!

Top Ten as per Decanter magazine Who drinks the most?

  • Portugal: 67.5 litres per capita
  • France: 47.4 litres
  • Italy: 44.4 litres
  • Switzerland: 35.5 litres
  • Austria: 30.8 litres
  • Germany: 27 litres
  • Australia: 26.1 litres
  • Czech Republic: 25.3 litres
  • Spain: 25.3 litres
  • Netherlands: 24.5 litres
  • Argentina: 23.8 litres