Wine in a rush?

There was a great 'statistic' doing the rounds for years that in Australia, 90% of wine was consumed on the day of purchase!  Impulse purchasing but not true!  This was just a bit of fun at our Antipodean cousins expense!

But, I read (on Wine Searcher) about figures coming out of a Wine Market Council conference in Napa that seemingly 24 percent of wine is drunk on the day, but 59 percent is drunk within 3 days of purchase.   That seems realistic enough as only collectors and bulk buyers would be buying miles in advance of consuming the wine.

Other interesting 'facts' from the conference?

  • Only 36 percent of wine drinkers have children under 18 at home
  • The second most popular country for wine (after USA of course) is Italy - 36 percent of wine drinkers say they buy Italian wines, followed by France (28 percent) and Spain (18 percent).
  • Only 34 percent of American adults drink wine – down from a peak of 42 percent in 2012
  • 55 percent of US wine drinkers are women - but men spend more per bottle on average. 
  • The average price of a bottle of wine sold in the US in 2023 was $12.09 (we'd need the statistics for previous years to make a judgement - although sales of cheap wines in USA are widely reported to be collapsing!).

So, where do you fit in?   Hopefully you are a Wine drinker and also that you don't drink cheap stuff!