Wine on St Patrick's Day?

If you are behaving during Lent by not drinking alcohol, then St Patrick's Day gives you a day off - and it's a Sunday this year! 
If you aren't off alcohol, then you are still entitled to have a nice dinner on our National Saint's Day!

In the old days, it was common to have Bacon and cabbage, but a large part of that was because it was cheap! If you are having Bacon etc then a cracking Rhone red or Grenache/Syrah from further south would be perfect.   Something like Vacqueyras Charbonniere

If you are going the Roast Beef or Lamb route then the world is your oyster! Think Cabernet, in particular Bordeaux or Malbec even. 

If you are having a normal day, then pick your own favourite wine and don't bother being influenced by us!

Happy St Patrick's Day!