Wine Sales by Country

The recent figures for wine imports into Ireland (by volume) show Chile still well ahead with Spain along way back in 2nd place.It got me thinking .... which is always dangerous.

About the year 2000, we were offered a trip to Concha Y Toro in Chile because we had sold over 1000 cases (12) of Casillero del Diablo wine in our Blackrock shop.

I remember it well - it was £12.50 per btl with a 6pack offer of £60 (equiv. £10 per btl).

Now £10 became €12.70 when we converted to Euro on 01/01/2002, and the current value of €12.70 in 2000 is now €20.00!!!!!!         ( )
But .... Diablo wines are in all the Supermarkets at €10 per btl

So, is the wine now a different quality, or am I missing something?    Answers on the back of a stamp please to ..........